The Road Research Register

The Road Research Register aims to provide an online source of current road – related research projects in Australasia, both current and recently completed.

The Register is aimed at making researchers and practitioners aware of recent research activities, in order to avoid duplication of effort and encourage possible collaborative initiatives.

What is Research?

Our definition of research includes:

·         Project details (current or completed in last 5 years)

·         Data sets you hold that may be of interest to others

·         Details of evaluation/trials of products or processes, either formal or informal investigations

·         Higher-degree activity within your organisation

·         In-kind support of research (eg peer-reviewing, offering access to facilities)


What you might find in the Register

The majority of material currently in the Register is comprised of research activities undertaken or funded by Austroads, its member organisations and observers, with some academic and industry records also included.

A range of information for each listed activity is offered, including contact details, jurisdiction, subject categories and known outputs. Where an output is known to be publicly available online, links to that are provided. The Register is designed to provide users with enough information so that, even some years after completion of a research activity, those interested may be able to follow up for more detail. This offers the opportunity for value adding to the information and also hopefully, will assist in the broadening of researcher networks.

Simple Search

The simple search searches for keyword(s) that appear in the following fields: project title, project description, conducting organisation, sponsoring organisation, jurisdiction sponsor, category, outputs, outcomes, issues, methodology, other information and project leader.

To do a simple search:

1.       Type keyword(s) into the query box and click Submit Query.

2.        If the search is successful then a brief list of results will be displayed. Click on more information to display full details.

3.       Monetary value and expected completion date fields are only available to contributing organisations through a password.


Advanced search:

The advanced search allows you narrow down your search query by combining queries one of more fields.

Title search

·         Enter the word(s) you would like to find in the project title and click Submit Query.


Description search


·         Enter the word(s) you would like to find in the project description and click Submit Query.

Tips to finding words and phrases

To find



Variations of words (pavement, pavements

Beginning of the word, follow by *


Words together

Use quotation marks around the phase

“heavy vehicle”

Find either words

use OR between phases or words

“Travel behaviour” or “human factors”, “pavements” or “materials”

*any of the above search combinations can be used in basic search or any of the fields in advanced search except for conducting organisation, sponsoring organisation, status and Date.

Conducting Organisation

·         To find projects conducted by a particular organisation, select the list of conducting organisations in the drop down list and click Submit Query.

Sponsoring Organisation

·         To find projects funded by a particular organisation, simply select the list of sponsoring organisations in the drop down list and click Submit Query.

Project Category

·         Click the Browse Choice button to browse for Project Category term(s).

·         Keyword(s) can also be entered to combine a search query.


·         Select project status in the drop down list. These include: Complete, Current and Planned



·         Type a full or partial date in any acceptable format

·         To find dates within a specific range, separate dates or numbers with a colon (no spaces). For example:

a.       1997: 2010 – returns all dates from Jan 1997 to Dec 2010

b.       “March 2010: April 2010” – returns all dates from March 2010 to April 2010